Angus Youth National Roundup attracts competitors from all states and territories

Young beef enthusiasts from all states and territories travelled to Queensland last week for the 2020 Angus Youth National Roundup.

More than 130 participants, aged from eight to 25, packed into the Toowoomba Showgrounds for the opportunity to expand their cattle handling and presentation knowledge, learn about the commercial side of the beef industry, and try their hand at meat judging.

Roundup coordinator Steph Frankham said it was the first time in the event's history that all states had been represented.

"We had 147 nominations, but with continuing drought conditions and bushfires down south, we ended up getting 134 competitors and 150-odd head (of cattle) here," she said.

"Organising throughout 2019, we knew it was going to be a hard year, so to pull the number of competitors that we did, I was ecstatic about it and I think that's a massive credit to our committee and the program that we've put together here."

Red Angus cattle and Queensland competitors dominated the results with renowned central Queensland Brahman breeder Brett Nobbs of NCC Brahmans passing his eye over the exhibits in the show ring.

Cattle results:

  • Champ bred and owned - Bowenfels Eboni Q1 exhibited by Chloe Gould
  • Reserve champ bred and owned - GK Red 1B Platinum Ruba P26 exhibited by Brooke Iseppi
  • Champ steer - Knowla Quigley P321 exhibited by Georgia Laurie
  • Reserve champ steer - Knowla Quamby P316 exhibited by Mackenzie Koch
  • Champ bull - GK Red 1B Pretty Reckless P29 exhibited by Harry Turnham
  • Reserve champ bull - J & C Party Boy P71 exhibited by Casey Halliday
  • Jnr champ heifer - Bowenfels Eboni Q1 exhibited by Chloe Gould
  • Res jnr champ heifer - TD Emblynette 1 exhibited by Thomas Duddy
  • Inter champ heifer - GK Red 1B Platinum Ruba P26 exhibited by Brooke Iseppi
  • Res inter champ heifer - GK Red Girls Life U P28 exhibited by Isabel Glasser
  • Snr champ heifer - Ruby Red Snoopy P7 exhibited by Monique Gapes
  • Res snr champ heifer - Black Angus Cleo P203 exhibited by Luke Aisthorpe
  • Cow champion - Bulliac Lorna N1 exhibited by Michael Wilkie
  • Res cow champ - Goonoo Red Newcombe exhibited by Billi Marshall
  • Supreme exhibit - GK Red 1B Platinum Ruba P26 exhibited by Brooke Iseppi

Paraders results:

  • Pee Wee champ - Imogen Scanlon, Reserve - Alister Gapes
  • Jnr champ - Brooke Iseppi, Reserve - Charlie Spina
  • Sub-Inter champ - Matilda Salter, Reserve - Meg Kealey
  • Inter champ - Chloe Plowman, Reserve - Charlie Salter
  • Snr champ - Chloe Gould, Reserve - Mikaela Ross
  • Grand - Matilda Salter

Junior judging results:

  • Pee Wee champ - Kelly Fish, Reserve - Vanessa Thompson
  • Jnr champ - Robert Flint, Reserve - Dominic Crotty
  • Sub-inter champ - Cloe Keevers, Reserve - Aiden Schelverg
  • Inter champ - Amelie Martin, Reserve - Zoe Cargill
  • Snr champ - Claudia Humphries, Reserve - Harry Turnham
  • Grand champ - Claudia Humphries

Meat judging results:

  • Pee Wee champ - James Tout, Reserve - Alister Gapes
  • Jnr champ - Aba Dobbin, Reserve, Max Strong
  • Sub-inter champ - Zoe Rudder, Reserve - Ella O'Neil
  • Inter champ - Byron Brunner, Reserve - Chloe Plowman
  • Snr champ- Georgia Laurie, Reserve, Billi Marshall
  • Grand champ - Georgia Laurie

Herdsperson results:

  • Pee Wee champ - Darcy Graham, Reserve - Georgie Hill
  • Jnr champ - Matthia Rudder, Reserve - Jake Iddles
  • Sub-inter champ - Isabel Glasser, Reserve - Noah Iddles
  • Inter champ - Monique Gapes, Reserve - Casey Halliday
  • Snr champ - John Delaforce, Reserve - Billi Marshall
  • Grand - John Delaforce

Major awards:

  • Merridale Angus Aspiring Breeder Award (receives a heifer) - Lachlan West
  • Trans-Tasman Exchange - Billi Marshall
  • Angus Austrlaia Business Branding Award - John Delaforce
  • EJ Angus Encouragement Award - Chloe Plowman
  • Matthew George Citizenship Award - Abby Nowland
  • Best maintained stall - Bowenfells Angus
  • Best presented animal - Sophie Halliday