Wagga cattle sale, February 10 2020

BUYERS: The gathering at Wagga's store cattle pens.
BUYERS: The gathering at Wagga's store cattle pens.

VENDORS sold 6390 cattle at the Wagga market on Monday according to Meat and Livestock Australia's National Livestock Reporting Service.

Rain across the supply area inspired restockers and lot feeders over most categories.

Quality was mostly mixed with the bulk of the yarding secondary types.

A larger group of feedlot buyers were present and operating over all categories.

Heavy steer and bullock numbers increased, and prices continued their impressive run.

Cow numbers lifted to more than 1800.

Prices were up for domestic processor cattle.

Trade steers prices rallied to average 308c/kg.

Trade heifers benefited from stronger feedlot competition, the bulk selling from 288 to 316c/kg.

There was only limited lines of well-bred light weight weaner steers and heifers which resulted in restockers, commission buyers and agents pushing prices 14c to 29c/kg higher.

Weaner heifers, 200-280kg, gained 13c making from 275c to 340c/kg.

The lighter weight steers sold 57c dearer to record a top price of 420c/kg.

A bigger buying group operated in the feeder steer market. Rain intensified bidding for medium weight steers to average 342c/kg. There was stronger demand for feed steers, 330-400kg.

The well-bred portion lifted 9c, making from 300c to 368c/kg. Light weight feed heifers attracted a large field of buyers.

Prices improved 21c to average 322c/kg.

Grown steers met strong competition from southern processors which lifted prices by 24c to average 338c/kg.

Bullocks were in short supply and quality was only fair which was reflected in the cheaper trend. Bullocks made from 281c to 320c/kg.

The cow market rose sharply, driven once again by a shortage of numbers at northern selling centers.

Heavy cows gained 16c to average 278c/kg.

The D2 and D3 cows ignited the bidding due to the limited supplies causing prices to jump 22c to 24c/kg. The bulk of the D2 and D3 types sold from 245c to 269c/kg.