Wagga cattle market, March 23 2020

AT THE RAIL: A file image from the store cattle pens at Wagga Livestock Marketing Centre.
AT THE RAIL: A file image from the store cattle pens at Wagga Livestock Marketing Centre.

VENDORS sold 5300 cattle at the Wagga market on Monday.

According to Meat and Livestock Australia's National Livestock Reporting Service numbers climbed with producers wanting to offload stock due to the increasing uncertainty.

Quality was mostly mixed with the bulk of the yarding secondary types.

A smaller group of buyers were present and operating over most categories. Trade cattle were in limited numbers.

Heavy steer and bullock numbers declined. Cow numbers surged to just over 1400. Prices were up for all trade cattle. Trade steer price trends were somewhat distorted due to the lack of numbers. Trade steers, 400 to 500kg, made from 370c to 406c/kg.

Trade heifers met strong domestic competition resulting in a price spike of 25c to average 381c/kg.

There were good numbers of well bred light weight weaner steers and heifers which resulted in restockers, commission buyers and agents all buying a market share.

Weaner heifers, 200-280kg, eased 23c, making from 330c to 414c/kg. A reduced field of restockers were operating over the lighter weight steer categories and competition lacked intensity of past weeks.

Light weight steers, 200-280kg, recorded a top price of 500c to average 445c/kg. A smaller buying group operated in the feeder steer market.

The feeder market eased 9c to 20c/kg, with buyers discounting plainer lines.

Light weight feed heifers, 330kg to400kg, attracted a smaller field of buyers and competition fluctuated as the sale progressed causing a wider price spread. The bulk of the heifers sold from 306c to 398c/kg.

Grown steers, 500-600kg, sold to weaker competition from some processors, which caused a price correction of 18c/kg.

Bullocks were in short supply and quality was only fair.

Bullock prices were 36c cheaper making from 302c to 332c/kg. Heavy cows sold to weaker demand triggered by a reduced field of buyers. Heavy cows generally sold 7c cheaper averaging 292c/kg. The D2 and D3's were in reasonable supply making from 237c to 282c/kg.