Wagga cattle market, April 6 2020

VENDORS sold 2235 cattle at the Wagga market on Monday.

BIDS PLACED: Action from the store pens at Wagga. Picture: File image

BIDS PLACED: Action from the store pens at Wagga. Picture: File image

Trade cattle were in short supply however there were a few excellent pens of supplementary fed heifers from Hay in the Riverina.

Cow numbers declined notably, which strengthened prices over all weight categories. Prices for domestic processing cattle were lower.

Trade heifers benefited from the excellent supplementary fed portion, making from 350c to 370c/kg. Lighter weight trade heifers were few, with a pen of supplementary fed recording a top price of 412c/kg.

There were good lines of light weight weaner steers which resulted in restockers, commission buyers and agents all eager for a market share.

Weaner steers, 200-280kg sold to dearer trends making from 412c to 500c/kg. The lighter weight heifers sold to 412c/kg.

A smaller buying group operated in the feeder steer market. The bulk of the medium steers sold from 360 to 402c/kg.

There was steady demand for feed steers, 330-400kg.

The well-bred portion made from 370c to 420c/kg. Light weight feed heifers attracted a reduced field of buyers selling from 350 to 382c/kg. Grown steers were in short supply. The C3 steers sold from 320c to 350c/kg.

A single pen of aged bullocks sold at 312c/kg.

The cow market rose, driven by a shortage of stock. Heavy cows gained 10c making from 285c to 299c/kg. The D2 and D3 cows sold to spirited bidding from the commencement of the sale making from 250c to 287c/kg.