Wagga sheep and lamb market report, June 18 2020

TAKING THE BIDS: The team from H Francis and Co at Wagga sheep and lamb sale. Picture: H Francis
TAKING THE BIDS: The team from H Francis and Co at Wagga sheep and lamb sale. Picture: H Francis

VENDORS sold 36,200 sheep and lambs at the Wagga Livestock Marketing Centre on June 18.

According to Meat and Livestock Australia's National Livestock Reporting Service lamb numbers were lower.

The ongoing sell off continues of small lots across lighter weight categories due to the problem of teeth in older lambs.

Quality was excellent over trade and heavy lamb categories, with most lambs grain assisted.

Heavy and extra heavy lamb numbers were similar while lambs over 30kg cwt were not quite as plentiful.

Restocker and feedlot buying activity was reduced, with buyers cautious over teeth issue and limited numbers of light weights available.

Despite major domestic buyers operating the trade market lacked direction with some sales dearer and others cheaper.

Generally, market prices for trade eased back $6/head.

Lambs, 21 to 24kg cwt, sold from $182 to $220/head, with the bulk averaging from 888c to 906c/kg cwt.

Merino trade lambs sold to the usual group of buyers and all categories sold to weaker competition to average 773c/kg cwt.

Lambs to restock and feed were in short supply making from $158 to $186/head.

There were the usual export buyers at the rail along with some domestic processor competition occasionally.

Competition was patchy over all weight categories. Lambs, 26 to 30kg, sold $9 cheaper making from $215 to $243/head, to average 748c/kg cwt.

Lambs weighing more than 30kg cwt declined $18 selling at $230 to $285/head, averaging 748c/kg cwt.

It was another good quality yarding of mutton with heavy sheep well supplied. Heavy ewes sold to weak demand easing $38/head to average 597c/kg cwt.

Heavy wethers were in reasonable numbers averaging 633c/kg cwt. Trade sheep were limited making from 600c to 656c/kg cwt.