Wagga cattle market, July 27 2020

OVERVIEW: The scene from Wagga Livestock Marketing Centre. Picture: Emma Hillier
OVERVIEW: The scene from Wagga Livestock Marketing Centre. Picture: Emma Hillier

A TOTAL of 2325 cattle sold at the Wagga market on Monday.

Numbers declined and quality was quite good, a reflection of the mild winter conditions, according to Meat and Livestock Australia's National Livestock Reporting Service.

There was an excellent selection of trade cattle which were keenly sought by a major domestic processors.

Secondary cattle were in reasonable supply, while heavy cattle numbers lifted.

Not all the regular export buyers were in attendance.

The usual contingent of domestic and feedlot buyers was operating along with some restocker competition.

In the trade market, steers suitable for the trade were unchanged to 5c easier to average 396c with a single pen of European steers recording a top price of 414c/kg.

Trade heifers sold to significantly stronger competition benefited by robust demand from a major domestic processor.

The stronger competition meant prices lifted 18c making from 368c to 400c/kg.

Prices softened for feeder steers, 400 to 500kg, to average 394c/kg.

Feeder heifers gained 3c averaging 378c/kg. Not all processors operated in the export run.

Heavy steers and bullock sold to strong competition from a domestic buyer and southern processors.

Prices for C3 steers and bullocks ranged from 326c to 395c/kg.

Heavy heifers were well supplied, and a major domestic processor keenly contested the younger portion. The bulk selling from 340c to 387c/kg.

In the cow market, not all processors operated. Heavy well finished cows sold from 285c to 308c/kg.

The bulk of the leaner types sold from 255c to 290c/kg.