Hicks Beef = premium price

Hicks Beef brings a premium price

Clients will often tell you that there is a premium on their Hicks Beef calves.

The combination of primarily Simmental and Gelbvieh with Angus produces marbling and yield that has dominated steer feedback trials for the past 11 years.

Our clients are telling us their Hicks Beef cattle are now demanding a premium in the market for quality and yield.

In addition to this market premium, clients are finding the ease of management a great bonus of the Hicks Beef progeny.

The key to this has been the 2 indexes developed by International Genetic Solutions, the world's largest performance program with over 18,000,000 head, that measure inputs and outputs.

The All Purpose Index evaluates sires for use on an entire herd of both cows and heifers, with females retained in the herd and the steers sold off. This figure is calculated with emphasis on Stayability.

That is, what percentage of daughters will stay in the herd until six-years-old covering fertility and soundness, calf survival, cow herd feed intake, heifer pregnancy, marbling and carcase weight, feedlot intake, weaning weight, yield grade and salvage value, and milk, providing a real profit index abbreviated as API.

This index, with an emphasis on fertility, cow herd efficiency as well as carcase and growth, means cows are selected on their ability to deliver more profit to their owners. Sale bulls average in the top five per cent of this profit index they are designed to give balanced performance in the top five per cent from the 18,000,000 head worldwide.

Hicks Beef Bull sale will be held on AuctionsPlus and on property at Annandayle South, Holbrook on Wednesday September 2. Lot videos will be available soon at www.hicksbeef.com.au.