Scotts Angus offering a line up of 'magnificent' bulls at this year's spring sale

This spring's line up of Scotts Angus bulls is magnificent, and ready to work according to stud principal Steven Scott. The stud offers 130 bulls annually for sale by private treaty.

"Although it's easy for bulls to look good in seasons like this one, it was during the tough conditions of the past few years' drought that the soundness of our bulls really shone through," Steven said.

Despite the difficult drought, large groups were joined for short, tight periods. The heifers are given two opportunities to fall pregnant (one AI and one natural cycle), and cows are given three opportunities (one AI and two natural cycles).

Steven said that this system helped identify the most durable sire lines that still perform well in the drought-lines that are structurally sound, fertile, and efficient converters.

Record keeping is an essential tool in the Scotts' operation, and 65 years of studying pedigrees, 50 years of recording weights, and 20 years of benchmarking have given the stud a large database to draw on.

"We are aware of the enormous impact that just one bull can have on the profitability of a client's operation, so we always use hard data to inform decision making around our initial sire selections," Steven said.

"It is fantastic to hear from clients about how well their cattle have come through tough times, and we frequently hear reports of high pregnancy test results, ease of calving, the docility and longevity of our bulls, and the demand for our clients' progeny, which is particularly pleasing," Cindy adds.

Inspections are available on farm or on the Scotts Angus website.