Wagga cattle market, August 17 2020

STORE PENS: A file image from the Wagga cattle market.
STORE PENS: A file image from the Wagga cattle market.

VENDORS sold a small yarding of 1700 head at Wagga cattle market on Monday.

Secondary cattle were in reasonable supply, while heavy cattle numbers declined.

Not all the regular export buyers were in attendance. The usual contingent of domestic and feedlot buyers were operating along with several restocking orders in play. In the trade market steers suitable for the trade were unchanged to 2c easier to average 405c, with a single pen of European steers recording a top price of 418c/kg. Trade heifers sold to weaker competition, with not all processors willing to chase the market. The weaker demand resulted in a price fall of 15c to average 380c/kg.

The limited supply of veal sold from 370c to 420c/kg. Steers returning to the paddock weighing, 330 to 400kg, declined 24c selling from 372c to 424c/kg. Feeder steers, 330 to 400kg, averaged 415c with a dearer trend of 9c/kg. Feeder heifers gained 4c, averaging 395c/kg.

Not all processors operated in the export run. Heavy steers and bullocks sold to weaker competition from southern processors.

Prices for C3 steers were up to 12c cheaper making from 342c to 400c/kg. Bullocks were limited and keenly sought if they weighed close to 600kg to average 360c/kg. Heavy heifers were well supplied, and a major domestic processor strongly contested the younger portion. The bulk selling from 340c to 396c/kg. In the cow market not all processors operated. Heavy well finished cows sold from 282c to 298c/kg. The limited supply of the leaner types sold from 240c to 293c/kg.