South Australian feedlot supports Wagga market

VENDORS sold 2600 cattle at the Wagga market on Monday.

Heavy steers and bullocks were well supplied with a fair portion selling to a South Australian feedlot.

Steers suitable for domestic processors gained 13c to average 407c/kg.

Trade heifers lost momentum with buyers very selective trying to avoid over conditioned stock, prices ranged from 350c to 398c/kg.

Price results for steers returning to the paddock softened over most weight categories.

OFFERING: A file image from the Wagga cattle market. Picture: Emma Hillier

OFFERING: A file image from the Wagga cattle market. Picture: Emma Hillier

Steers weighing from 280 to 330kg eased 18c, to average $1211 per head while the lighter weights slipped 8c to average $1180/head.

Demand for medium weight feeder steers 400 to 500kg weakened with buyers not prepared to push the market, with the bulk to average 394c/kg.

Feeder heifers weighing 400kg to 500kg sold to a bigger group of buyers making from 355c to 404c/kg.

Heavy steers sold to weaker demand from domestic and export buyers.

Prices for C3 steers ranged from 330c to 393c/kg.

Bullocks sold to weaker competition and aged steers were discounted the bulk averaging 354c/kg.

Heavy heifers were in greater supply and quality was quite mixed, with the better shapes making from 340c to 365c/kg.

In the cow market not, all processors operated fully, or attended.

Heavy well-finished cows sold 13c cheaper averaging 292c/kg.

The bulk of the leaner types sold to solid demand making from 273c to 284c/kg.