Feeder operators seek out the young cattle at Yass

CHANGING HANDS: Vania Tonelli and Steve Clugston
CHANGING HANDS: Vania Tonelli and Steve Clugston "Sanantone", Bredbo sold 13 Lowline heifers at 468.2c/kg, averaging 213.8kg, $1001.23ph and 11 Lowline Steers - 468.2c/kg, average 225.5kg, $1055.58ph with Elders.

A TOTAL of 583 cattle went under the hammer at the SELX market at Yass in southern NSW.

According to Meat and Livestock Australia's National Livestock Reporting Service there was only a slight decrease in numbers and the quality was good with most in prime condition or better.

Yearlings made up the bulk of the yarding along with around 80 cows.

Grown cattle were in very short supply. Feeders purchased most of the young cattle with processors limited to a few heavy steers and a few vealers. Most of the cows were heavy 4 and 5 scores. Restocking interest was low. The market sold to a softer trend.

The few weaners sold from 430c to 500c/kg. The best of the veal reached 407c/kg. Medium and heavy feeder steers were firm selling from 372c to 428c/kg. Medium weight heifers to feed on were 20c to 25c/kg cheaper with very little restocking competition and sold from 362c to 412c/kg.

Heavy feeder heifers were 7c softer to sell from 345c to 383c/kg. Only a few heavy steers went to processors and made from 409c to 412c/kg. Grown steers over 500kg reached 374c and heifers to 366c/kg to feed on.

Cows were mostly 4 and 5 score heavy cows and prices fell from 30c to 40c/kg and more on the heavy over conditioned cows. Heavy 3 and 4 score cows were selling from 252c to 285c and the 5 and 6 score cows made from 230c to 278c/kg.