Wagga cattle market, January 18 2021

LOOKING BACK: A file image from the store pens at Wagga cattle market.
LOOKING BACK: A file image from the store pens at Wagga cattle market.

A TOTAL of 3080 cattle were sold at Wagga sale on Monday.

There was a large contingent of feedlots and restockers operating.

According to the National Livestock Reporting Service vendors weren't disappointed, with light weight steers and heifer classes posting dearer trends.

A significant portion of the stock purchased were destined for northern feedlots and paddocks.

Most of the usual processors were in attendance.

Export and domestic processors struggled to match prices given by feedlots and restockers.

The better finished steers suitable for the trade gained 14c making from 400c to 443c/kg.

Trade heifers 400 to 500kg were in short supply to average 424c/kg.

Light weight feeder heifers were paid premium prices of up to 468c to average 443c/kg.

Steers suitable to feed on were tracked relentlessly by northern buyers who pushed lighter weight prices 20c higher to average 444c/kg.

Steers 280 to 330kg returning to the paddock recorded a top price of 540c/kg.

Heavy grown steers and bullocks were in greater numbers and most buyers were eager to capture a market share of the younger stock.

C3 and C4 steers sold from 326 to 405c/kg.

Heavy heifers with shape eased 3c to 4c to average 367c/kg.

A shortage of cows helped lift the market 2c to 7c/kg. Heavy cows sold from 290c to 324c/kg.

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