COMMENT: Injemira meets the market and breaks records with exceptional bull

CONFIDENCE in seedstock is at an all time high if results from the Injemira Beef Genetics on-property sale at Book Book this week is to be a gauge.

Vendors, the Greening family are known for breeding exceptional whiteface cattle, and the rewards were clearly evident when Injemira Redford J006 Q287 made a new Hereford breed record of $160,000.

Bids came in at a fast pace with auctioneer Paul Dooley at the rostrum.

The stand-out sire was bought by a syndicate made up of ABS - Global Australia, South Australian stud Ardno and Vielun Pastoral Company, Mudgee. The previous record for a whiteface sire was set 35 years ago with a high of $120,000.

By the end of the sale, which was interfaced with AuctionsPlus, a total of 95 bulls returned an average result of $12,380.

Interestingly this result came during the Facebook media news ban. However, the bush telegraph quickly spread the news. You didn't have to be at the on-property sale to learn of the record result.

Comments on social media were flattering with some of the industry stalwarts describing Injemira Redford J006 Q287 as "the best sire (they had seen) of any breed."

The buoyancy of stud stock results will continue to flow as the beef industry, in general, at the saleyards level breaks new ground.

We have seen a run of records for the Eastern Young Cattle Indicator (EYCI) and buyers are constantly scrambling to fill orders to meet the global demand for protein.


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