Wool market report with Marty Moses

Wool market report with Marty Moses.
Wool market report with Marty Moses.

The AWEX EMI closed on 1310c - up 4c at auction sales in Australia this week.

In US terms, the EMI fell by 20c courtesy of a fall of 1.8c in the AUD USD exchange, which better reflected the market sentiment for the week. 90.6% of the offering cleared to the trade with the XB sector still the worst performer.

Merino Fleece finished the week in a slightly weaker position in AUD terms as mentioned above, however the exporter competition was widespread and variable throughout the week. Despite this temporary barrier of issues with slow shipping, there were many positives with well-prepared lots meeting technical specifications for Chinese types remaining in sellers favour. The current market push for superfine MPG's has attracted old (drought effected) wool on to the market with success.

Merino Skirtings held up relatively well despite one of the main exporters purchasing in this category having a quiet week. The presence of medium and heavy VM lots are becoming more prevalent each week courtesy of the monster season experienced across a wide proportion of the eastern states.

Crossbreds were generally well supported as long as the classing met the COP. Lots that were unclassed, poorly prepared or were from composite breeds were extremely hard to sell.

Merino Cardings performed well with three Merino Carding (MC) indicators up by an average of 10c. Stains, locks and crutchings all posted gains of 10-20c.

Crossbred oddments remain irregular and extremely hard to sell.