Improve soils with premium-grade gypsum from Mallee Quarries

A supplier of premium-grade gypsum, Mallee Quarries is a privately owned and operated family business based in the Mildura area of Northern Victoria.

The Gallace family has successfully farmed in the area for more than 30 years, producing olives, table grapes, wine grapes and more recently strawberries and avocados.

"Originally our business began after numerous requests from local agricultural business for me to undertake small-scale commercial and agricultural earthmoving projects in the Robinvale district," parent company Mallee Earthmoving & Excavations managing director Steve Gallace said.

"For many of those projects we needed rock supplies, which was an opportunity to expand operations.

"We now crush and screen our own rock and aggregates under the Mallee Quarries name."

More recently Mallee Quarries has purchased a mining lease in southern New South Wales, a few kilometres from its main base in Mildura, to extract gypsum.

With his background in and knowledge of farming and understanding the importance and soil health and nutrition Steve recognised the potential to supply gypsum to the agricultural industry across Eastern Australia. High in calcium and sulfur, gypsum has been used in agriculture for more than 250 years.

It promotes better root development of crops and improves soil structure, reducing erosion and increasing water filtration.

The application of gypsum prevents and corrects sodicity resulting in greater stability of soil organic matter and more stable soil aggregates. Soil crusting is reduced with seed emergence increasing between 50 per cent and 100 per cent.

Mine Manager Anthony Mezzatesta co-ordinates operations, NATA testing of products and the transport of both gypsum and quarry materials.

"Operating under NHVAS accreditation our vehicles have the capacity to deliver at very competitive prices," he said.

"We work with industry and government on regional infrastructure projects in the agricultural, commercial and renewable energy sectors. It's vital we provide the best service we can."