Cold snap prompts warning

As a cold front moves across NSW, bringing with it rain and below average temperatures, Local Land Services is urging livestock producers to prepare for the conditions.

Animal Biosecurity and Welfare Business Partner Scott Ison said sudden drops in temperature can negatively impact livestock, however, there are several ways landholders can reduce the impacts of a cold snap.

"We all know winter can be a shock to the system for us, as well as our livestock, so it is important producers are thinking about what they can do to ease the effects on their animals," Mr Ison said.

"If possible, landholders should move their at risk livestock to sheltered paddocks.

"When temperatures drop, livestock need more energy to stay warm, so producers should consider increasing their feeding levels by 10 to 20%, especially if there is rain and strong winds.

"Animals that are most at risk, such as freshly shorn sheep, sick animals, calving cows, lambing ewes and newly born lambs and calves, should be checked regularly."

Colder weather on the way.

Colder weather on the way.