Caddick investors could sue auditors

Liquidators are assessing the means to recover some assets or funds for victims of Melissa Caddick.
Liquidators are assessing the means to recover some assets or funds for victims of Melissa Caddick.

Friends and family swindled by Sydney conwoman Melissa Caddick could launch a class action to recover some of their stolen income.

The 49-year-old, accused of misappropriating about $25 million of investors' funds, went missing hours after corporate watchdog ASIC executed a November 2020 search warrant at her house.

More than three months later, the self-styled financial adviser's decomposed foot washed up on a remote southern NSW beach.

Jones Partners Insolvency and Restructuring were in December appointed provisional liquidators of Maliver Pty Ltd, a company set up by Ms Caddick, and say she "meticulously and systematically" deceived those who entrusted millions of investment dollars to her over seven years.

She then used the money to fund her lavish lifestyle.

The case is back before the Federal Court this month, with the firm seeking to be appointed final liquidators so they can begin redistributing funds to investors.

The firm has identified a number of assets they'll reclaim including two properties in Dover Heights and Edgecliff, shares, jewellery purchased using the stolen money and two luxury cars.

The company is also investigating whether it can claim tax refunds from the Australian Taxation Office as a significant majority of the taxable income of Maliver was fictitious.

It is also considering whether investors who had self-managed super funds with Ms Caddick could sue auditors who oversaw her records.

"Such possible claims would need to be further evaluated but are likely to be against the auditor and potentially other professionals involved in the audit process and may possibly take the form of a class action," Jones Partners principal Bruce Gleeson said in a statement on Thursday.

Investors will be updated on the progress of the matter on June 23.

Australian Associated Press