Watch the Tokyo 2021 Olympics if it were entirely set on a farm in Australia

Get out the green-and-gold scarf and set the alarm clock - the Olympic Games are on.

With COVID-19 causing one of the most unusual Olympics in living memory, not everyone has been able to get to Tokyo.

With this in mind, bush scribe and professional waffle-herder, the Ringer, has looked at what events could be held on the farm in order to foster that Olympic feel at home.


As a result, he's produced a series of short, largely uninformative and pointless videos demonstrating how modern Olympic sports could be held on the farm.

Each night during the games he has been posting a farm version of an Olympic sport on the Good Fruit & Vegetables' Facebook page.

Go for gold: The Ringer gets into shape for the Farm Olympics.

Go for gold: The Ringer gets into shape for the Farm Olympics.

Sports include the hammer throw, diving, fencing, judo and gymnastics.

With dust in his veins and holes in his hat, the Ringer is the quintessential yarn spinner and bush writer.

"I just thought people might like some inspiration to get out into the paddock or backyard and have a crack themselves," the Ringer said.

"Also, it'll give them something else to look at other than that jolly swimming pool in Tokyo, or Bruce McAvaney walking around that weird TV wall thing."

In other news:

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