Heavy rain and hail set to cause damage in winter crop

Alan Brown

Alan Brown

A MIX of hail and heavy rain has caused extensive damage across southern NSW cropping districts.

Alan Brown is the NSW Farmers Wagga and District Branch chairman and he also has another role of inspecting crops for insurance purposes.

As a loss adjuster he said hail, back on September 30, had caused damage throughout the region.

This hail was followed by more in November.

As a result some crops have suffered extensive damage.

Mr Brown said the next few days were crucial for the outcome of the Riverina harvest.

He said with 100mm forecast there were certainly concerns.

However, it wasn't just the rain that could cause damage. Windy conditions and potential hail also posed a new threat too.

"If we get the rain, on the sheer scale that is promised, it is going to do real damage," he said. And while much of the canola in the Riverina has been wind-rowed, he explained that if the conditions get windy enough that would cause damage to those crops on the ground.

"A small amount of canola has been left to direct head," he said.

Mr Brown said damage to barley crops in this region was already evident.

Meanwhile, the Bureau of Meteorology has said the Pacific Ocean was in a La Nina phase.

Historically, La Nina events are correlated with wetter than average conditions in many parts of Australia, especially eastern, northern and central regions.

La Nina is part of a cycle known as the El Nino-Southern Oscillation (ENSO).

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