Heavy rain impacts supply at Wagga market

TAKING THE BIDS: A file image from the Wagga sheep and lamb market.
TAKING THE BIDS: A file image from the Wagga sheep and lamb market.

VENDORS sold 32,500 sheep and lambs at the Wagga market on Thursday.

Meat and Livestock Australia market reporter, Leann Dax said heavy rain over the past few days impacted significantly on numbers.

Quality across new season heavy export lambs was very good however, supplies were limited.

Young trade lambs were in reduced numbers and quality was quite good with most showing plenty of finish.

Not all buyers attended or operated fully.

The smaller group of buyers resulted in a slightly weaker market. Not all domestic buyers operated fully in the market which caused competition to fluctuate. Prices generally softened $2/head. Lambs 21 to 24kg sold from $175 to $217/head to average 841c/kg cwt.

Extra heavy young lambs sold to fluctuating competition.

Extra heavy lambs sold from $244 to $268, while the shorn extra heavy young lambs recorded a top price of $270/head. There was a mixed selection of young lambs suitable for restockers.

Store lambs returning to the paddock with some weight and frame sold from $130 to $185/head.

It was a mixed quality yarding of mutton that was offered to a small group of buyers. Heavy crossbred ewes sold to solid competition from only two buyers. Heavy ewe mutton averaged 567c to 594c/kg cwt. Trade sheep were in reasonable supply averaging 571c/kg cwt. Heavy Merino wethers were few selling at $196 to $220/head.