Woollen apparel popular on sporting field

WHEN you think of wearing wool what springs to mind?

Is it a high-end Zegna suit? Or maybe it's an "ugly Christmas sweater," or perhaps its a scratchy school jumper.

Do you think elite fitness apparel?

Wool is fast becoming a staple for athletes from all different sporting codes and interests. We can find wool in thermal tops and adventure clothing.

It's also being used in lighter-weight garments that are suitable for hotter weather.

For a group of farmers, at Tootool in the eastern Riverina, wool is the choice of fibre to wear when they play touch footy.

The Tootool Turtles are wearing woollen tops made by Bluey Merino.

Not only do they look great when playing touch footy, but these players said the tops are great to wear.


RESILIENCE could best sum up the approach we are seeing to the harvest of winter crops.

Heavy falls of rain, widespread downgrading impacts, and paddocks that are too wet to drive on have posed plenty of challenges for the farming community.

Yet, the headers are continuing to roll when they can. Despite falls of more than 100mm doing damage it was heartening to see ABARES confirming the bumper harvest which had been projected all season.

Let's hope what is lost in quality could possibly be made up for in volume.


AFTER seeing so many events cancelled or postponed due to the COVID-10 pandemic restrictions there are plenty of events emerging on The Rural calendar.

This week we have showcased some of the upcoming events on the calendar and we invite you to send in any upcoming fixtures to share with readers.


CONGRATULATIONS to Jake Nowlan who had success at Carcoar in the recent cattle trial.

During 2021 there has been plenty of great working dog stories to share.