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Tuesday, 5 December 2023

Why now's a better time than ever to travel Australia

If you're pondering that next trip, here are some reasons why you need to stop thinking and book it. Picture Shutterstock
If you're pondering that next trip, here are some reasons why you need to stop thinking and book it. Picture Shutterstock

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Let us guess, you're finding yourself daydreaming more and more these days, wishing you could stand up from your desk and just take off. Your hands are itching to start searching for travel destinations; whether it's along the coast or in the bush, you don't care. You just want to get out and about and start travelling across the country.

If you're feeling like that, we don't blame you. While we don't want to bring up dreaded COVID, there's no denying that being unable to travel for such a long time has really made many Australians restless.

Traveling is an unparalleled experience that many cherish for a lifetime. It allows us to step out of our comfort zones, immerse ourselves in diverse cultures, and expand our horizons. For some, the journey starts with understanding how to get a car loan online to set off the the roadtrip of their dreams, while for others, it might be a backpacking adventure or hopping on the next available flight.

Whatever your travel style, embarking on a journey has so many benefits. And there has never been a better time than now to travel and discover Australia.

Travelling broadens your mindset

When you venture to places you've never been, you get to see the world from a different perspective - even if it's still in Australia. Every destination, be it a bustling city or a quaint rural Australian town, offers rich experiences and sights to be unlocked. Engaging with locals or simply wandering through unfamiliar streets can be enlightening.

By immersing oneself in diverse environments, not only do you collect vivid memories, but your mindset evolves. You become more open, adaptable, and accepting of the myriad of viewpoints that our country generously offers. This openness is the essence of a broadened mindset.

It helps you create everlasting memories

There's nothing like chatting with your loved ones and reminiscing about those wild travel tales. You know the ones - stumbling onto a hidden beach no guidebook mentioned, getting hilariously lost in a city maze, or that time a local pointed you in the direction of one of the best meals you've had in your life

When you step out of your everyday and dive into the world's vastness, you're in for surprises at every corner. You might find yourself dancing under the stars in the Northern Territory, tasting street food that beats any five-star cuisine, or maybe just laughing uncontrollably with new friends in a cosy hostel by the sea.

Every journey, every misadventure, every laugh-out-loud moment - they stick with you. And when you're back, even if your tan fades and the souvenirs gather dust, those memories? They're golden.

The best part? Sharing them with your favourite people, painting pictures with words, and reliving the magic over and over. You only live once, so you might as well fill it with memories you can look back on and smile.

Travelling makes you learn practical skills

You can't go travelling with your head in the clouds. If you didn't know real life skills before, travelling will definitely be the kicker that makes you learn. Whether you're booking flights or travelling up the coast in a van, you need to know practical life skills to get you through a holiday - especially if you're travelling solo.

Travel pushes us out of our comfort zones and often requires us to learn on-the-fly. No matter if you're navigating a public transport system in a different state, bargaining in a local market, or figuring out how to get a car loan online for a road trip adventure, these experiences enhance our problem-solving skills and resilience. Travelling teaches us valuable skills and life lessons that will help us out in the long run.

It can boost physical and mental health

Travel can be rejuvenating. It's a break from routine, promoting physical activity, reducing stress, and enhancing mental well-being. The mere act of planning a trip and looking up destinations can evoke feelings of excitement and anticipation. It's the perfect break we need from reality every once in a while.

Feeling lost? Travel may be what you need

It may sound cringeworthy, but don't roll your eyes just yet. Travel - especially solo travelling - can sometimes be exactly what people need when they're feeling lost or without a purpose. Journeys allow for introspection. Away from the humdrum of daily life, travelling gives us the time and space to understand ourselves better.

So next time you're finger is on the pulse and is itching to search up flights out of the state, press enter. A nice holiday somewhere in Australia may be exactly what you need.