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Tuesday, 5 December 2023

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Fabstock helps to returns more lambsAdvertising Feature

Picture supplied
Picture supplied

Matt and Anna Craig from near Bethungra have been using the Fabstock Vitamin and mineral supplements for the past 10 years.

They run 1700 Dohne ewes on a property named Milhaven near Bethungra and 1500 Dohne ewes on Renton at Harefield near Wagga Wagga. They also own and operate the Blue Ridge Park Dorset Stud on Renton.

Matt first tried the Fabstock Super Cycle mix on advice from Australian Farm and Fencing in 2017 on a mob of maiden Dohne ewes. He feed it to them four weeks prior to and during joining at a total cost of about $4.60 per ewe.

"The results were awesome," Matt said, ''We scanned 139 per cent pregnancy rate and weaned 127 per cent lambs off those maiden ewes when our previous best result was 85 per cent."

It's no surprise that Matt now feeds Super Cycle to all his ewes on both farms.

"We just scanned all the mixed aged ewes at Harefield this week and were very please to record 144.6 per cent in lamb," Matt said.

"These increased lambing percentages make a huge difference to our bottom line, increasing profitability."

Matt uses four different Fabstock products throughout the year to maximise returns. He also gets his rams checked every year before joining.

Matt and Anna also operate ''Live and Love Livestock'', a livestock contracting business they have built over the past 15 years.

For further information call 1300 733 644 or 0408 694 154.

Rapidfencer Works a Treat Advertising Feature

Rory Bonner from Australian Farm & Fencing and James Finlay from Boorook, Morven, with the new Southern Wire Rapid Fencer. Picture supplied
Rory Bonner from Australian Farm & Fencing and James Finlay from Boorook, Morven, with the new Southern Wire Rapid Fencer. Picture supplied

The RapidFencer is a brilliant invention, eliminating the need for manual heavy lifting of 200m and 500m rolls. It also saves a lot on time and labour by straining the fence on the go from the comfort of your tractor seat or skid steer.

Local fencing contractor Jake Hamblin has one for big exclusion rence rolls, "It makes it so much easier and quicker handling the bigger rolls that can weigh 200 to 400+ kgs. I wouldn't be without it now," Jake said.

Local land owner James Finlay from Boorook at Morven South of Wagga owns a RapidFencer and is very pleased with its performance. "It certainly speeds the process up, especially straining on the go when it suits you," James said.

The RapidFencer allows you to easily handle three 500m or 200m rolls of prefabricated fencing, rapidly rolling it out and being able to strain the fence at any point along the fenceline using a unique, hydraulically operated clamp. This same clamp is used to hold the mesh tight while you join the next roll or when tying off to a strainer post.

The RapidFencer concept has been proven by hundreds of Australian farmers and fencing contractors over the past decade to make fencing fast and easy.

The RapidFencer also comes standard with Euro Hitch mounting hooks and provision to attach to most other hitch types.

Southern Wires' new Rapid Fencer is in stock now at Australian Farm & Fencing at 3 Moorong Street, Wagga Wagga. Call 1300 733 644 for more information.